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Robeson County

Robeson County, North Carolina, the largest county in the state, encompasses a region of more than 950 square miles.  Settled in the 1730’s by the Irish and Scottish Highlanders, Robeson County was once home to several Native American Indian tribes.  Currently, the Lumbee and Tuscarora tribes maintain a large presence in Robeson County, ranking it as the nation’s ninth largest Native American population.

Robeson County, whose population was 123,339 at the time of the 2000 Census, includes 38% of its citizens with Native American ancestry, 33% Caucasian and 25% African American, while the remaining citizens are a mixture of other races.  This highly diverse population spreads throughout twenty-nine townships and twenty-one cities and towns.  The largest cities here include Fairmont, Lumberton, Maxton, Pembroke, Red Springs and St Pauls.

Originally founded at the Ashpole Institute site, Fairmont, population 2,604, serves as a major distribution town for the nearby agricultural areas.  Crops include corn, soybeans, tobacco and wheat.  The Robeson County seat, Lumberton, also acts as a hub for culture and entertainment in the region.  Located along NC’s Inner Banks region, Lumberton is home to nearly 21,000 people.  Several golf courses, scenic parks and numerous fine shopping areas spread throughout the area.  Lumberton is also home to Robeson Community College, renowned as a leader in local job training systems. 

Maxton, population 2,551, is Maxton, Scotland’s sister city.  This lovely town celebrated its 100th birthday in 1976.  Pembroke, population 2,399, is the tribal seat of the Lumbee Indian Tribe of North Carolina.  Nearly 90 percent of the population is Native American.  Pembroke is also the site of the local campus of the University of North Carolina Red Springs, population 3,493, maintains its traditional roots via annual Gather of the Clans celebrations, where celebrants enjoy the delightful sounds of pipe music.  St Pauls, a small farming community, holds a population of 2,137citizens.

Robeson County residents have convenient access to nearby airports, deep-water ports, an excellent railway system and Interstates 74 and 95.  Robeson County operates a thriving economy, with a strong manufacturing sector whose products range from canned soup to tennis shoes.  It ranks among NC’s largest agricultural produces and serves as the third top tobacco-growing region in the United States. Core Vantage Technologies is one of Robeson County’s major employers, while sites such as the Carolina Commerce and Technology Center afford operational headquarters to major technology-focused businesses and training centers.

Robeson County affords residents an unparalleled quality of life, with a low crime rate and a reasonable cost of living.  A moderate climate provides the ideal setting for blooming flowers in springtime, fresh produce, and outdoor recreation throughout the year.  Robeson County is also in close proximity to some of the most popular tourist destinations on the east coast.  The highly acclaimed golf courses at Pinehurst are an hour's drive away, while the stunning coastline of Myrtle Beach lies just two hours away.  In addition, the mountainous scenery of the beloved Blue Ridge Parkway  is within a three-hour drive to the west.

Robeson County, North Carolina maintains the ambiance of its small town communities, while experiencing steady growth and development.  Its diverse citizenry, which includes several nationalities, captures the spirit of America as a melting pot.

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