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A debtor who files a bankruptcy petition needs immediate protection from the collection efforts of his or her creditors. Except for limited situations involving repeat bankruptcy filings, the filing of a bankruptcy petition automatically stays or stops creditors from taking further action to collect their claims or to seize property. The primary benefits of bankruptcy to a debtor are the temporary relief from creditor action provided by the automatic stay and the permanent relief from creditor action provided by the bankruptcy discharge.

For most individuals who file Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 (after completion of Chapter 13 plan), a discharge is granted that will release them from any further liability on their debts. Certain debts may not be discharged. Debts that are not discharged include but are not limited to child support, alimony, fraudulent debts, criminal fines and restitutions. There are a number of other debts that may not be discharged. You will need the advice of a bankruptcy attorney to review all issues involving discharge of debts.

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